What Women REALLY Think of the White Undershirt

White undershirts are what 96 million guys wear almost daily.  They have no idea what impression they're giving with the undershirt.  Women, co-workers and future employers all have thoughts on what the undershirt says about the person wearing it. Read More

Why Spend Money on an Expensive Undershirt

Most guys are fine with their white standard cotton Hanes undershirts.  It's time to think about undershirts differently.  Premium undershirts are much more functional and allow your true style to stand out. Read More

Great Clips vs 18/8 vs Local Barber

There are a lot of different options on where to get your haircut.  You want a place where you can get a great haircut and have a good experience for a solid price.  We'll examine your options from your basic Great Clips to your local barber to the upscale 18/8.  We'll end with our recommended option. Read More