About Sloane


Sloane was born of personal frustration with the white cotton undershirt.  Partners, Mike and Jason, met in business school at USC and shared mutual hatred towards their undershirts. 

Since childhood, Mike would get hot easily and sweat through his undershirts. The thick fabrics only worsened the problem to where he’d have to bring backups to school!

Jason was an investment banker and looking tip top in front of clients was a must.  He would spend so much money on suits, shoes, belts and button downs, but in the end people would notice his white cotton undershirt showing as soon as he took his jacket off.  How does it make sense to spend hundreds on a great outfit to have people notice your basic white cotton undershirt?

Mike and Jason felt like there had to be a better way and teamed up with Jason’s wife, Danielle, to bring an undershirt to the market that solved their issues.  They want to continue finding issues guys struggle with and develop products to solve these annoyances.


Sloane develops products that make guys feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

We help guys be their absolute best.