Our Why

Sloane was started by 2 mixed race guys who struggled with their undershirts.  Why were they so uncomfortable?  Why were they so visible and make us look corny?  Why were they so thick and make us sweat at terrible times?

We noticed that the white undershirts were most visible when the person had darker skin.  The contrast was even more apparent.  It was a subtle thing, but something we noticed and felt like was a metaphor for what was happening in broader society. 

We believe in equality.  We love that we have a product that attracts a diverse consumer base.  We want to help ALL men look and feel their best.  We want to support diverse groups to achieve more equality in this world.  We invest 1% of our gross sales into groups that help disadvantaged African American youth in Cincinnati and the primarily diverse garment workers across the world. 

We strictly only make our product in America.  Our LA manufacturing facility employees a number of Hispanic workers and offers them excellent working conditions.  The workers are treated with respect and given a fair wage.  We admire their craft and take great pride in the quality work they deliver. 

Sloane has risen against all odds.  It shows what passion, dedication and consumer focus can do.  We want to help this world in a small way.