The Handkerchief is Back

The handkerchief was an amazing product for years and years.  It then seemed to disappear.  It was no longer a thing even though guys still had issues where the handkerchief would be useful.  The world needs a functional handkerchief. Read More

What is a Swankerchief?

We designed a versatile product that helps avoid germs, manage sweat, classily wipe your face....and just look all around cool and different.  We explain what the product is and what it can help with. Read More

Confessions of a Sweaty Dude

Sloane was started by solving problems.  The first issue was solving the issue darker skin guys have with white undershirts.  The second product was a handkerchief, which was solving an intense sweating issue that I have.  I discuss the issue and encourage people to recognize your problems and see them as opportunities versus things to be embarrassed about.  I still get anxious and sweat, but have learned to not beat myself up anymore about it.  Honestly....who cares?? Read More

The Sloane Idea: Decades in the Making

Do you have some frustrations with products or services?  If so, you might have a nugget of an idea.  Oftentimes, some of your deepest insecurities are a source of amazing business ideas.  We talk the source of Sloane's product idea, which was an embarrassing issue that needed a solution. Read More