Great Clips vs 18/8 vs Local Barber

There are a lot of different options on where to get your haircut.  You want a place where you can get a great haircut and have a good experience for a solid price.  We'll examine your options from your basic Great Clips to your local barber to the upscale 18/8.  We'll end with our recommended option. Read More

How to Upgrade Your Shoe Game

Shoes are an often overlooked aspect of the wardrobe.  Many people think people don't notice shoes, so there's no need to worry about them.  Just get the basic shoes and move on.  I am in the exact opposite camp.  Shoes are the most important part of your wardrobe.  Here's why. Read More

A Quick Guide to Refreshing Your Wardrobe

When you realize your wardrobe needs a refresh you need to take the next hard step. Purge.  And that's REALLY hard.  You've spent a lot of money on clothing.  It's worked for you in the past, but you know it's not working for you now. Here is the step by step process you'll need to take to get your wardrobe where you need. 
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Why Slim Fit Clothing Matters

The biggest mistake I see with guys is their clothes just don't fit.  The pants are too baggy.  The sleeves on their shirts are too long.  They buy standard fit shirts that add 20 pounds to their look.  I was making ALL those mistakes 7 years ago! Read More