A Manifesto. The White Undershirt Must Go.


The Problem Of The White Cotton Undershirt

The white cotton undershirt has been an annoyance to me since I was a kid. I would sweat badly (yes, I was THAT kid) and always wore an undershirt to absorb the sweat.  The issue was the thick cotton made me sweat MORE.  If I didn’t wear the undershirt my sweat would just go right through to my outer shirt making me look like a psycho. Women don’t dig guys who visibly sweat (unless it’s in the gym)!

When I was living in LA in my 20’s, and dressing nicer, the white undershirt still haunted me. It absolutely killed my style.  I’d be at work or at a club or bar trying to look like I had my stuff together, but there was my $3 white Hanes undershirt popping out from my neck and visible at my arms.  I knew I wasn't looking my best, but didn't have an alternative. 

When I was in business school at USC I finally got tired of this ridiculous mess with my undershirts. I remember I tried to solve the undershirt issue by trying out a wife beater tank top.  I was out at a club in LA with my classmates trying to look cool.  I went into the bathroom and could just clear as day see my wife beater under this really nice button down I had on.  WTF?!?!  I’m in business school trying to look legitimate and my $3 wife beater is standing out for EVERYONE to see!


A Better Men's Undershirt

My friend, Jason, and I decided to figure out a solution for this. We saw nothing in stores that solved for all of our issues, so we decided to make it ourselves. We wanted our new undershirt to fix EVERY issue we had with our white cotton undershirts. 

  • We made them long, so they don’t pull out from our belt line.
  • We made them 50% more breathable than cotton to limit sweat.
  • We made them with a deep V, so they’re not visible at the neck.
  • We made them with spandex to keep them fitted, which eliminates the baggy look.
  • Finally, we made them skin toned (3 colors), which makes them invisible at the arms because the undershirt blends into your skin color.

the invisible undershirt


On Mission To Help Men Feel Confident In Their Style

The mission that drives us is to help guys NOT look like how I did for years. We want their style to stand out and not their undershirt. We want guys to be confident in how they look in the office, out socially or just grabbing breakfast with friends. We don't want the undershirt to ever be a burden again! 

Try the product risk free at Sloanemen.com.  You can return it for ANY reason. We want you to look the best you ever have and have that confidence knowing that!

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Here's Why The White Undershirt Is A Bad Look


Does A White Undershirt Hurt My Style?

The look you want to have at work exudes competence, confidence and professionalism. You have a good education, work your butt off and want to keep growing.  Why would you jeopardize this by wearing a standard cotton white undershirt that hurts your style in so many ways?

We have conducted research on the impression that the white undershirt gives in both office and social settings. The most common word used to describe the undershirt is “sloppy”.  Of the hundreds of guys I’ve talked to about undershirts over the years almost none of them realize they come across that way.  I definitely didn’t when I rocked the look for 10+ years!

Here are the reasons why people we research felt like the standard white cotton undershirts are sloppy:


1. White Undershirts Give You Bacon Collar

Many guys wear crew necks, which are clearly visible at the neck line. A guy might dress well overall, but then is showing his cheap white cotton undershirt.

Many of our participants said these undershirts remind them of what high school guys wear, which is a sloppy look. Not something a professional should wear.

White Undershirt Bacon Collar


Wear a deep V neck undershirt.  Many of the standard depth V necks aren’t deep enough.  They can sometimes be seen with one button unbuttoned and definitely with two buttons unbuttoned.  You want a deeper V to give yourself the ability to wear the undershirt with any look


2. White Undershirts Are Visible Underneath the Button Down

The white undershirt creates a contrast against your skin, which makes it visible underneath a lighter colored button down. The undershirt can often just kill the total look because people are staring at your eye catching undershirt sleeves versus the rest of your outfit.

Again, this is a look that high school guys have at their dances and graduation. It must be avoided.

Visible Arm from white undershirt


You want an undershirt that blends into your skin tone to avoid the contrast between the undershirt and skin.  When the undershirt color matches your skin tone, then there is no contrast.  No one can tell you have it on. 


3. White Undershirts Are Too Short

The standard white undershirts are often too short. With the goal of having the undershirt be more fitted on the sides, guys get smaller (and shorter) sizes. This can cause any extension of the arms to pull the undershirt above the belt line.

Now, the undershirt has a baggy look at your midsection adding pounds to your overall appearance. I used to have to go into the bathroom multiple times a day to tuck my undershirt back into my pants. Sloppy.

Short white Undershirt that doesn't stay tucked in


You want a longer undershirt that pulls down low, which will prevent it from pulling out of your pants.  Long is better than short for undershirt.  This stay tucked feature will keep you looking slim and avoid those embarrassing trips to the bathroom stall.


4. White Undershirts Are Too Sweaty

The thickness of a cotton white undershirt can make guys hotter in the work setting.  I sweat a lot and ALWAYS had issues with this.  I’d start getting warm and my undershirt felt like an unnecessary layer that was actually making me hotter.  That was making me sweat even more in the office.  I was going against the saying, “Never let them see you sweat”!  I would sweat pretty badly, which adds to the sloppiness of the undershirt issue. 

Office Jim Sweating - white cotton undershirts


You want to wear an undershirt to pick up any light sweating from hitting your outer shirt.  This is a major benefit of the undershirt. However, you need an undershirt with a more breathable fabric than the thick standard thick cotton.  The more breathable fabric will keep you cooler and help you avoid overheating. 

Most undershirt wearing guys I speak with haven’t researched the new world of undershirts. They stay with what they’re used to.  If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.  The problem with this mindset is that style has changed. 

You don’t need to be at the cutting edge of style, but you don’t want one of your choices to make you look sloppy and potentially hold you back.  In 2017, the visible white cotton undershirt is one of those wardrobe choices that can actually hurt your image. 

Take a look at Sloane Men’s Invisible Undershirt. Thousands of men have tried it and been incredibly satisfied.  Give it a shot at no risk.  Sloane has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Sloane Men

 Sloane Men Undershirt


About the Author:  Mike Droessler is a Brand Manager at P&G working in Digital Innovation and also the Founder of Sloane Men, the maker of the Invisible Undershirt.  He attended Wharton for his undergraduate and USC for his MBA.  Sloane’s mission is to make guys better.  His breakthrough undershirt helps them look their best, but he also wants to share style and professional tips to help in more aspects of their lives.

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