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An undershirt that solves every issue caused by the traditional white cotton undershirt.  Stays tucked in.  50% more breathable.  No bagginess.  Deep V.  Blends into skin tone to appear invisible.  

Features and Benefits


Slightly wider and deeper than traditional v-necks, our v-neck was designed with the perfect width and depth to avoid being seen above the outer shirt neck line.


The fabric blend of Siro Micro Modal (95%) and Spandex (5%) makes The Invisible Undershirt incredibly soft, 50% more breathable than cotton, and lightweight, offering a touch of stretch without constriction.


The longer length ensures The Invisible Undershirt will stay smoothly tucked in throughout the day, eliminating bunching above the belt line.


The Invisible Undershirt's unique range of colors blend into your skin tone making the shirt invisible under your outer shirt.


The perfect length and tapered sleeve design ensures comfort by eliminating sleeve bunching and providing optimal sweat protection.


Offering a comfortable fitted cut without compression, The Invisible Undershirt's unique "S-curve" design enables a perfect fit at the mid-section & hips, and eliminates the baggy, boxiness of traditional undershirts.


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