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The Swankerchief is the modern man's handkerchief. It was designed to provide form, function, and a punch of style with the ability to replace any napkin, paper towel, tissue, or standard cotton handkerchief. It's lightweight nature and small size (9.25" x 9.25") provides your pocket ease and comfort during carry.

Benefits and Features

Moisture Wicking

The Swankerchief's bamboo-based microfiber material keeps you dry and at the top of your game throughout the day.


Our bamboo-based microfiber makes The Swankerchief incredibly soft and ideal for a runny nose during allergy season.


The Swankerchief was particularly crafted to make sure that any mess thrown your way is handled with ease, especially unwanted food crumbs.


With a smooth grey color and embroidered logo, The Swankerchief was designed to provide form, function, and a punch of style to your everyday wardrobe.


The Swankerchief allows you to immediately handle any situation without having to look for a napkin, paper towel or shirt sleeve. The smaller size (9.25" x 9.25") allows it to be easily stored in your pocket along with your other items.


The lightweight nature of The Swankerchief fabric provides your pocket ease and comfort during carry, eliminating unwanted bulkiness.

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