How to Upgrade Your Shoe Game

Shoes are an often overlooked aspect of the wardrobe. Many people think people don't notice shoes, so there's no need to worry about them.  Just get the basic shoes and move on.  I am in the exact opposite camp.  Shoes are the most important part of your wardrobe.  Here's why.

People do Notice 

Shoes are a subtle thing.  If you have beat up poorly styled shoes people can clearly see that.  It's a poor reflection of you.  If you have ok shoes that are basic, then people won't really notice.  It's neutral.  If you have nice shoes that fit your outfit well, then people will 100% notice.  The shoes will stand out to them as a difference maker.  They complete the whole look.

You Have Shoes for a Long Time

Quality shoes will last.  If you take good care of them they can last for years and years and years.  With the longevity that they have I see them as a longer term investment.  These are items you could wear multiple times a week.....for years.  You don't wear the same button down 3 times in a week.  This is exactly why shoes should be put in a different category.  

The same pair of shoes can be worn to work, out on a date on a Saturday night and to a wedding.  In each of these occasions it's critical to impress!  I have the attitude that shoes are an important investment because of their importance in your everyday wardrobe.  

How Many Shoes Should I Have?

This is a question that varies widely by person.  I've always loved shoes, so have a decent collection for work, casual and working out.  I might have a slight addiction to Nike, so I have a number of workout shoes.  I do think there's a minimum number of shoes that one should have to cover most occasions and have some diversity in the wardrobe.  

I recommend 3 pairs of brown leather shoes and 1 pair of black leather shoes for work and going out.  The featured pick are my go to brown shoes.  I have a pair of Oxfords that I have fun with by adding colored shoe strings.  The other two are a little different.  One is two toned and the other is a basic nice brown pair I could wear anywhere.  

I used to have one pair of brown shoes in my 20's.  Same shoe.  Everyday.  It worked, but it bored me.  You want to have some differentiation in color.  A lighter pair and a darker pair.  They can be worn with different outfits and give different looks.  For example, I have different belts that match the different shoes.  It's a subtle change, but those minor things are what's fun about clothes.  And people notice!

I think it's important to have some casual shoes, as well.  Ones that can be worn to grab beer with your buddies or to wear while you're out and about on the weekend.  I love the below Adidas shoes!  They're a soccer shoe that can be dressed up or dressed down.  


Here's another pair I have in this category.  Casual comfortable shoes that can be worn in a lot of different situations.  Summer.  Winter.  Shorts.  Pants.  Casual.  Preppy.  

I think in it's important to have some nice casual shoes to be worn with shorts when it's warm out.  Many guys just go with their gym shoes.  I think that looks way too casual and gym shoes often looked beat they've been abused at the gym.  A good way to differentiate yourself is a cool casual pair of shoes.  My favorites are the Adidas Rod Laver's below.  I have a couple pairs of these nice white lounge type shoes.    

My workout shoe collection is extreme.  I probably have 12 pairs of workout shoes.  11 Nike.  1 pair of Under Armor.  I got those for free.  I am obsessed with Nike.  Not sure how it happened, but it happened.  I just love heading to the gym feeling like I look great.  It's a mental thing.  I do recommend having 3 pairs of workout shoes for a non-obsessed person like me.  The shoes wear out slower and I do think it's fun to have some diversity.  Here are a few pairs of my Nikes I love.  All fun and different.  



Where Should I Get Shoes?  

You'll pick up in this blog that I'm not rich.  I am not going into Nordstrom and dropping $400 on anything.  Let alone one pair of shoes.  I take pride in being able to dress well......on a budget.  The 3 nice pairs of brown leather shoes pictured above were purchased at DSW.  On sale.  One is a nice pair of Cole Hahn's.  The other two are Italian leather shoes.  None of them cost more than $130.  I purchased one of the pairs off the clearance rack for $75!  It is a go to shoe that I love wearing.

Nordstrom Rack is another great place to find deals on high high quality shoes.  You'll have to look around for what works for you, but there are some treasures there.  You can't go wrong with Nordstrom half yearly sales.  There are a lot of options online now at Zappos and other retailers.  

Nike Outlet is where I get most of my Nike shoes.  You can find some incredible deals on clearance.  I recently bought a pair for $18!

Shopping for shoes can be a fun thing.  There are lots of deals out there for shoes that will make you look and feel great.  Take the first step and get out there to look.