Why Spend Money on an Expensive Undershirt

Men’s style is a fast growing business right now. It’s the fastest growing online industry. Guys are wanting to look better and not wanting to go to the mall for Macy’s or Banana Republic. They can quickly and easily get everything they need online. Bonobos, Nordstrom’s, Uniqlo and the classics like Macy’s and Banana all have online shopping options.  Men are looking good!

Guys are taking their style seriously. They’re getting more adventurous with styles outside of the standard grey slacks and blue button down look. As they purchase the slim fit Thomas Pink shirt, Bonobos pants, Cole Hahn shoes and belt from Nordstrom’s they feel great. They’re standing out and getting noticed. They have more confidence and have way more fun with their clothes than they used to.  I NEVER used to wear ties to work.  Now I do it every Tuesday just for fun. 

Shopping Habits Have Changed.  Undershirts Haven't

Shopping habits have changed with all clothing items except for one. The classic white cotton undershirt. These are still often bought as 8 packs for $10 from Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s. Very little thought goes into it. It is what it is. Undershirts are undershirts. Guys just don’t get how strange this is when compared to their shopping habits for all other clothing. It’s the accepted norm.

My business partner, Jason, explained his predicament as an investment banker. This is when it hit me that the white cotton undershirt thing just made zero sense.  Jason was a banker, so HAD to look good. He was dealing with clients that expected the best from the bank. He had to look the part. He had a nice suit ($800). Nice pairs of brand name leather shoes ($200 each). Stylish belts ($75). High quality socks (3 for $25). Fine ties ($50 each or more). He had on an outfit that costs around $1200. His undershirts cost between $2 and $8 each. How does that make any sense?

 It’s not a problem if no one noticed the undershirt. If it was just an item that no one could see. The issue was that when he took off his suit jacket his $5 undershirt was clearly visible underneath his white button down shirt. The $5 undershirt is something people are noticing over his $1200 outfit? His style should be speaking for him. Not his undershirt.

Here's me after I lost a March Madness bet at work.  My undershirt clearly speaking for me. 

Why the Premium Undershirt?

The premium undershirt delivers so much benefit over the $3 Jockey undershirt.  The best ones make if feel like you don't even have an undershirt on.  Below are the benefits that a premium undershirt can deliver.

Deep V Neck

An undershirt with a deep v neck will allow for the shirt to be not be seen at the neck line. A deeper V can not be seen even with 2 buttons unbuttoned.  A major style killer is the visible undershirt at the neck.  

Breathable Material

Premium undershirts are often made with materials much more breathable than cotton. Micro modal is a common premium fabric that's silky soft while also delivering maximum breathability to keep you cool.  It won't feel like you have that extra thick cotton layer on you anymore.


Premium undershirts are often made with a spandex blend.  They stay fitted to your waist and arms eliminating any bagginess that a standard cotton undershirt would create.  This can eliminate an extra 10 pounds that a baggy undershirt create.  This benefit alone is worth the extra cash!  Why hide the results of hard work in the gym?

Long Length

Premium undershirts often are longer and pull down low on your legs.  This prevents them from pulling out above your pant waist.  A shorter standard undershirt can easily do this.  You can have the bottom of the undershirt resting completely about your belt line.  It's annoying and a pain to tuck back in.   


Sloane's undershirt is unique in that it blends into your skin tone appearing invisible.  The contrast of the white undershirt against your skin tone makes it stand out.  Nothing like wearing an expensive white button down and have your undershirt shine right through it.  

When you're spending hundreds of dollars on an outfit to look your best it makes sense to put some money into your undershirt.  It's way more comfortable.  Many people say you won't even know you're wearing it!  You also want that amazing style to stand out.....not your white cotton undershirt!