What is a Swankerchief?

The Swankerchief is the modern man’s version of the old school functional handkerchief. Tens of millions of men used handkerchiefs in the 1900’s.  They found them useful for wiping sweat from their brow, wiping their nose and wiping anything else off their face.  They then disappeared! 

The Swankerchief uses advanced fabrics, cool styling, more compact size and classy branding to bring back the usefulness of the handkerchief in something you’re proud to carry around. Guys still sweat.  Guys still have runny noses.  Guys still get random food on their faces.  Those issues haven’t stopped.  You now have something that can help deal with those things in a proper way.

The name “Swankerchief” came from combining your standard functional “handkerchief” with being cool or “swanky”. Guys often think of their granddad’s handkerchief.  Crumpled cotton that they pulled out to blow their nose in and put right back into their pocket.  That’s often how my grandfather used his.  We want guys to think of this product differently.  We want guys to confidently pull the Swankerchief out to wipe sweat from their brow. 

When you search “handkerchief” on Google all you see is standard white pieces. Cotton.  Cheap.  Basic.  We wanted the Swankerchief to have subtle cool style that you’re not embarrassed to pull out.  It doesn’t look like your granddad’s handkerchief.  It is a stylish grey color that goes with any outfit.  It has small branding in the corner, so won’t bring attention to you when you use it.

The bamboo and polyester micro fiber is softer than cotton, absorbs better than cotton, dries faster than cotton and looks cooler than cotton. This was all done intentionally to ensure you are getting a better experience than your granddad’s handkerchief.  We want you to confidently pull out this product versus feel embarrassed that you have to use it. 

I use mine everyday in my corporate job. It’s smaller than your granddad’s handkerchief, so comfortably fits in your pocket even with a phone or wallet in the same pocket.  I often fold is nicely and put it in my back pocket as an accent to my outfit.  I get a lot of people asking about it.  It’s fun to talk about the multi-use aspect of the product as a functional handkerchief and a style piece. 

I designed the product to be the best and most functional handkerchief you’ve ever used, but also combine that with smooth styling to ensure you feel comfortable bringing it everywhere. We truly believe we have created the best handkerchief on the market today!  We just added some nice styling to make it the “Swankerchief”.  J