The Benefits of a Long Undershirt

There are numerous undershirt offerings today.  They come in all types of shapes and sizes.  Wide, long, deep V, crew neck, etc.  Today we're going to discuss length.  Specifically, what are the benefits of a longer undershirt. 

Standard Fit 

Most undershirts on the market today are your traditional sizes.  They aren't designed for the best fit underneath a button down or polo.  They're designed to be worn just as a normal shirt.  That creates problems when you're trying to use them as true undershirts.  

The first issue is that that they're not long enough to be adequately tucked in.  Below is an undershirt that fits me width wise, but is a little too short to be tucked in.   


The result of a well fitted undershirt is it allows your button down to look great.  You don't have extra fabric hanging loosely around your waist.  You can see in the picture below that the slim fit button down can truly look slim. 

There is a trade off that guys have to make here.  Do I want it to look fitted at the waist and have it be too short?  Do I want it to look baggy at the waist and have it stayed tucked in?  Dealing with an undershirt that is too short can be maddening.  Mine would always pull out of my belt line and just sit fully untucked.  I'd have to go to the bathroom 4 or 5 times a day to tuck the undershirt back in!

Below is what would happen if I would lift my arms above my heads or twist.  Unacceptable.     

When I got frustrated with the undershirt pulling out I went with a bigger size.  The bigger size was long enough, but really baggy.  That gave me a different issue.  There was a bunch of fabric now at my midsection.  The fabric would push out on my button down and make me look 15 pounds bigger.  Also unacceptable.    


Getting Length and Fit 

The solution is getting a long undershirt that also is fitted.  This solves for the trade off that needs to be made with the standard fit undershirts.  These are more specialized cuts that you need to seek out.  Most of the undershirts on the market are still the standard fit.  

Below you can see an undershirt that is long and fitted.  This would not pull out of your pants no matter what you do and also stays slim at the waist.  

The longer cut pulls down to your upper thighs or so.  The material is a spandex blend, so it stays fitted to your body.  It is not baggy at the midsection or below the waist when it's tucked in.  This longer undershirt accomplishes the goal of staying tucked in and also being fit at the midsection. 

This is the perfect professional look for guys.  It's also very comfortable.  There are no longer any visits to the bathroom to tuck in your undershirt.  You also don't have to worry about that baggy look with the extra material floating at your midsection.  Undershirts are getting more advanced and solving for the problems that the standard undershirt brought.  Length is a critical benefit that guys can now have without compromise.  


The longer undershirt is the futureof undershirts.  Getting the long undershirt without the bagginess can now be attained.  Check out the Invisible Undershirt by Sloane Men (  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.