No Shortcuts - Why Are You Doing It?

The idea of entrepreneurship has gotten blown up in media so much.  The entrepreneur is a God.  They control their destiny.  They lead.  They conquer.  They get rich.  

An entrepreneur is inspired to bring some change to the world.  It could be as mundane as an undershirt or fun toy.  That is what entrepreneurs want to do at their core.  Once things really get going though they often lose that in their work.  

Growth at all costs becomes the goal.  The investors need growth.  Hence, you need growth.  Does massive growth really bring you the joy you were searching for then you started though?  

I thought this article in the New York Times brought out the truth in entrepreneurship.  The people who experienced that growth at all costs often times lost it all and went back to their roots to find their passion again.

It's refreshing to read about people getting energy from just doing their craft.  Sharing their creativity with others.  Being ok selling smaller amounts to a more niche group of consumers versus NEEDING to be the next Bonobos (which actually didn't end amazingly for its founders!).

This article is something important for up and coming entrepreneurs to read.  Get clear on why you are doing it.  If you can stay true to that, then you will experience much more joy and fulfillment along the journey.  You'll cherish the wins that many people just look right over as they have their eyes on GROWTH.  And growth for growth's sake really isn't that rewarding.