No Shortcuts - What You Do Is Who You Are

I read Ben Horowitz's book a year ago or so and it really stuck with me.  It's called 'What You Do Is Who You Are'.  It's a pretty basic concept.  You daily actions accumulate and turn you into the person that you are.  I think it's a great phrase to go back to and ensure what you THINK of yourself is what you're actually DOING.  

If you say you're into health are you eating well, getting sleep and going to the gym?  If you say you're entrepreneurial are you taking risks, thinking differently, starting stuff?  If you say you're going to be a good dad or mom are you spending time with your kids, present during that time and being a good role model? 

It's very easy to get something in your head on what you want to be, but backing that up with action is the hard part. 

Leadership is another great example.  Do you say you're a great leader, but then micromanage, not enable your team and become a cog in the wheel?  I am trying to keep myself honest this year.  I have things I want to work on where I am not following through as much as I need to on things I see as important in my life. 

Looking at what you're DOING on a daily and weekly basis is a great way to do a pulse check.  Too much time on your phone?  Too much crappy food?  Too much taking orders from people and not enough standing up and being a true leader?

What you do is who you are.