No Shortcuts - Try to Have Some Fun

Starting your own business an opportunity to do things your way.  You are the leader.  You make the calls.  You make the culture.  You are also responsible when things aren't going well, which will happen.  I feel like media portrays the sexiness of entrepreneurship when the experience feels like being an infantry man in an ceaseless war.  

I never wanted Sloane to feel like a weight dragging me and my life under water.  I wanted it to be a life experience that shows me what entrepreneurship is REALLY like.  I wanted to live it versus just listening to podcasts or reading about the people who did it. 

My attitude was to have this be a learning experience for me.  That's probably why I haven't gone all in, taken investment from anyone and kept it as a side hustle.  I did not want to make Sloane my EVERYTHING, which would have upped the tension big time. 

By keeping it on the side I have been able to have fun with it.  Seeing it grow has been incredible.  The small wins like having a successful Kickstarter campaign made me super proud.  I have also been able to take the losses in stride since they did not ruin me.  Taking a loss on a year because of a dumb marketing move or having a supplier totally screw me over was very stressful, but it didn't ruin me. 

I took the L's as learning.  I made sure to never do those things again and they also gave me a unique perspective on things for my full time job.  We will see what happens with Sloane in the long run, but starting it on the side has allowed me to enjoy the ups and downs.  When I look back after 10 years I can honestly say it's been a really fun experience. 

If you are interested in starting a business consider doing it on the side to start.  You can really gauge if the business has a shot and your true passion for it.  Do you actually enjoy the grind?  If so, then maybe it's something you consider doing full time?  If not, it's a cool story and something you can be proud of no matter what happens.  You will have your full time job there waiting for you.