No Shortcuts - The Game Doesn't End

When I was younger I would set goals for myself and they would be pretty short term.  Get X job.  Go to X college.  Make X amount of money.  Then those things happened.  I then set up some higher and somewhat arbitrary goals.  Get Y job.  Go to b-school.  Make Y amount of money.  Then those things happened.  

Now that I am 11 years in at P&G and have had Sloane for the same 11 years my goals have shifted.  I still have goals, but they're more based on growth, happiness, challenge, etc versus needing to do something specific.  The chase towards specific things can work, but also is a little deflating when you actually get it.  

It's like when you get that nice new car.  You thought about it for so long and FINALLY got it.  It feels good, but you're then looking for what's next.  That's how it can feel when you get that job.  When you get that salary.  Those things don't really bring long term happiness.  A promotion feels great during the celebratory dinner, but then you start on Monday it can actually be incredibly stressful.  Can be a major letdown if you've dreamed of that role for a long time.  

If you are learning and growing and happy I believe good things happen.  You are likely doing well and successful.  That will open up good job opportunities.  If you do the same in that new job, then you will have even more job options.  It just builds and builds.  

It's great to have goals for yourself when it comes to titles and money.  Just make sure you're also growing and happy.  In the end that is what matters.  I have realized that people really don't care about your job or how many money you make.  Especially the people that truly care about you.  It doesn't make sense to do things for other people.  Do it for yourself.  Do what makes you happy and the jobs and money will follow.  

Getting Sloane off the ground was amazing.  Since then we've been going and going.  Trying to get bigger.  Trying to make the product better.  Trying to make the website better.  It never ever ever ends.  We are one of the few companies that makes it to the 10 year mark.  There was no celebration.  We have to keep our heads down and keep going.  I do Sloane because I love it and it helps me grow.  If I did it just to say I started a company I would have quit a LONG time ago.