No Shortcuts - Not Many People Care

You love your startup.  Your startup is your life.  It's your baby and an expression of you to the world.  You think that everyone is SO interested.  How cool that he started a business?  How cool that the company has sales?  How cool that I saw an ad for the business?  

I find that people are interested initially.  When you decide and get going.  People are excited.  They love the courage.  They really want the best for you.  Then life happens.  People get busy.  Months go by.  Months turn into years.  At that point people honestly might even forget you have your own business.  They stop asking about it.  They stop really caring if its successful for not.

This might sound harsh and mean, but I think it's a GOOD thing.  PEOPLE DO NOT CARE!  They just don't.  So you shouldn't care what they think! 

I have friends who started their own businesses.  I might check in with a text once a year or talk about it during a rare get together.  I'm not thinking much about it.  I want the best for them.  This is how most people are.  Life is busy.  Most people (including me) have a hard enough time managing their own life let alone care about what other people are doing. 

Plus, if someone has so little to do that they are hating on your company then that person is a tool.  Not worth even spending a moment thinking about. 

Most people are so busy that they are not thinking about your or your business much.  That is freedom.  You can try and fail.  No one will really notice.  You can try and one will really notice either. 

I remember I got on a national TV show called West Texas Investors Club.  I was so nervous I would screw up and embarrass myself in front of everyone I knew.  I pretty much had a panic attack the night before. 

What happened?  The show was cool.  And no one really cared.  Barely got any texts.  Not much happened on social media.  A few people at work commented.  This was a NATIONAL TV show.  I was honestly shocked that no one cared, but it also felt amazing.  Life went right along. 

Do what you want to do.  No one cares.  And that's actually awesome.  FREEDOM!