No Shortcuts - No TV

I get a lot of questions about how I can have enough time for a side business when I have a demanding full time job.  Time seems like a very hard thing for people to control.....and it is!  

Before Sloane I watched a lot of TV.  First 48 was my binge watching show.  I could NOT just watch one episode.  Physically impossible to turn off the TV.  When I see the show pop up on my guide today I still get some sort of dopamine rush.  I'd watch reruns with the same intensity as a new episode.  

All that TV time added up to lots of hours.  I'd say 2 hours of TV time a day.  When I look back I would say I was entertained, but it wasn't adding much to my life.  If you do the math the 2 hours a day means 10 hours a work week.....and 14 hours for the full week.  I think I watched even more TV on the weekend, so that is a conservative number.  Over a month that is 56 hours!  56 HOURS!!  Just sitting on my butt watching.  

When I moved to Cincinnati to start at P&G I decided to challenge myself and not get a TV.  I said the minute I REALLY needed one I'd just go to Best Buy and get one.  I went 5 years without a TV.  I missed First 48 and all the sports I love.  What I found was that I actually got more enjoyment transitioning those hours into Sloane and learning at work.  

The only reason I got a TV after 5 years was the cable company called and said that I could get cable and internet for less than what I was currently paying for internet.  I ended up getting TV, but barely watched it.  I was hooked on spending my time learning and growing.  

Look at how you spend your time.  There are hours there.  My current battle is fighting my phone screen time.  I think there is a lot of time there I could get back.  It's a hard process to break habits.  Start small and see the benefits.