No Shortcuts - Are You Getting Out-Worked?

"The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill.  I will not be out-worked, period.....But if we get on the treadmill together, there's two things: You're getting off first, or I'm going to die.

- Will Smith 

I love this quote.  People think Will Smith is just a naturally born talent and everything comes easy for him.  Good looking.  Funny.  Musically talented.  Actor.  Caring.  Charismatic.  Rich.  And then you see this quote and it's clear he has had to work his ass off to get where he is.  

I see in this quote that Smith feels like there are people just as talented as him.  Maybe even more talented.  They just aren't willing to put in the work to be great.  That is so powerful in this day when people seem to want things to come easily.  That's at least how it looks on social media.  

Hard work is often the differentiator.  It can be easily hidden that you don't even see what's going on though.  Here are a few examples.  

You and another person are working on different projects.  She seems to be having an easier time getting things done though.  Things are just working out.  Her team likes her.  The actions she is taking are making immediate impacts.  She's seen by leadership as super effective and high potential.  Now what does she have that you don't????

What You Don't See: 

- She reads books while you are watching TV.  Those books make her a better leader, a better strategic thinker, a better public speaker and a better influencer.  

- She goes home when you do, but gets back on the computer at night to handle work when it's quiet versus taking 4X longer doing it during the day with all the distractions.  

- She prioritized learning and took multiple classes over the year in areas that sharpened her skills.  You were too busy with the day to day to take classes.  

Those are just a few examples of what's happening outside of your view.  Someone is out-working you and you don't even realize it.  In business this happens slowly.  It's not a 100 yard dash that's over quickly. It's weeks, months and years.  You don't necessarily see what your competition is doing because it's often happening imperceptibly. 

If you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you can work harder, then I would figure out how to get on the right track.  The job market is incredibly tight right now and companies are going to continue to look for efficiencies.  They want the hardest working people that are making things happen. 

Be Will Smith.  Your competition will give up or you'll die trying.