Confessions of a Sweaty Dude

I have a love – hate relationship with sweat. I’ve been a sweaty guy my whole life.  It’s led to countless (literally hundreds) of embarrassing situations throughout my life at work, with loved ones, at clubs, at weddings and at times when you’d think there’s no way a human would be sweating.  I’ve spent a lot of times in bathrooms trying to calm down and stop the sweat from streaming down my face.  All of this has been traumatic and bad. 

My sweat issues have led to the creation of Sloane, which has helped guys control their sweat via a super breathable undershirt. I have now launched another project focused on helping sweaty guys like me control it.  I want to help guys avoid these situations where sweat grips you and impacts your self-confidence.  I know there have been so many situations where I’ve decided not to attend an event, go outside or wear a certain outfit because I knew I would sweat and embarrass myself. 

Sometimes I think that I should stop complaining about my sweat because it could be worse. I could have a debilitating disease that would be 1000 times worse than my sweating issues.  That makes me feel a little better about things……until I start sweating while presenting an important project to my manager in a nice air conditioned room.  Then I get pissed and wonder why I have to deal with this total ridiculousness.  It’s an air conditioned room and I’m sweating like I’m hiking in the dang Sahara desert.

I got married this past June. We had the ceremony in Lake Tahoe and a reception in Cincinnati in July.  I started worrying about my sweat ruining things the day after I proposed.  I began to think about how I could guarantee I don’t sweat during these special days.  I soon began an acupuncture regimen because I read that acupuncture could really help.  After spending probably close to $1000 on 10+ acupuncture sessions I still sweat just as badly as before.  Fail. 

My reception in Cincinnati was the hottest weekend of the year. Real feel of 108 degrees.  Of course.  I decided to rent the largest industrial fans money could buy. These were for construction sites where guys were working in really hot enclosed spaces.  I rented 2 for our indoor reception and our outdoor shaded brunch the next day.  I was not going to let sweat ruin these days!  Whenever I got warm I would talk over to these fans and stand 3 inches from them to cool down.  Brilliant. 

The sweat struggle is real. I want to let other sweaty guys know that I feel their pain and am with them.  I am trying to develop products to make their lives.  Easier.  I know for sure that my Sloane undershirt kept me cool and absorbed enough sweat during my wedding and reception that not a drop reached my nice white button down shirt!  I want to be able to provide that type of experience to as many guys as possible.  I want you to feel cool and confident while dealing with frustrating sweat issues!

My sweat struggles will continue. I am not going to stop sweating.  I just want to have some tools to help me.  I am fine sweating, but just want to avoid when it overcomes me and leads to embarrassing situations.  I’m committed to continue to come up with products that help guys like me!