2 Ways An Undershirt Can Help Stop Sweat At Work


Sweating at work is the worst, but it doesn't have to kill your confidence. In this article, we look at 2 ways an undershirt can help you stop sweat at work. 

When I start sweating at work, here is that famous quote that always runs through my mind.

“Never let them see you sweat”

And yet there I am...sweating at work. It could happen for multiple reasons.  It’s hot out on my way to work.  I’m rushing into work.  I’m in a warm room.  I get anxious.  I have some unexplained menopause situation where I just miraculously start sweating in front of people (let's hope not).

It happens. And it’s embarrassing.  It kills my confidence.  I often get very quiet and try not to bring any attention to the sweat on my forehead.  I might be in an important meeting and there I am being quiet.  I’ll try to quickly wipe sweat from my face trying to avoid people noticing.  That usually doesn’t work though.  Sweat has been a mortal enemy of mine for pretty much my whole life, and helping to stop sweat and it's damaging affects is the main reason I started Sloane. 

So, how can an undershirt help stop sweat? Two ways. 


1. Breathability

I wanted to create an undershirt that was more breathable than cotton to help prevent you from overheating. The thick cotton undershirt I used to wear felt like a parka when I started getting warm.  It was heavy on me when I NEEDED something light.  It made me sweat even worse!

When you are warm you need that heat moving away from you. If it’s stuck close to you because it can’t escape your body heat will rise.  The standard white cotton undershirts aren’t designed to help with your body heat and stop sweat.  Under Armor has done very well creating moisture wicking material for athletes.  However, there are some people (me!) who need more help with sweat in the office, not while running on the treadmill.

The material for the Invisible Undershirt from Sloane is a siro micro modal and spandex blend. The siro micro modal is thin, light and 50% more breathable than cotton.  Most people who try it often can’t tell that they even have an undershirt on.  It feels totally different from the heavy cotton most guys are wearing now. 


2. Soaking

There are some situations where you will just sweat. The temperature is just too warm outside.  You’re stuck in a cramped meeting room and the temperature in the room is unbearable.  You might just get so anxious in a situation that you break out sweating. 

The picture below is from a P&G recruiting event that was held outdoors in August. It was one of the hottest days of the year.  The heat index was 100 degrees plus. And, the humidity was no joke.  People there were DYING.  It was impossible not to sweat!

I was out there and was so worried. I was meeting a lot of the new recruits for the first time and was I just going to profusely sweat in front of them?  Was I going to leave hours early to avoid the embarrassment?  I had a Sloane undershirt on, but was worried I was just in an impossible situation where it was TOO hot.  I was blazing hot, but the sweat wasn’t getting to my outer shirt. 

If I had no undershirt on at all my outer shirt wouldn’t gotten totally soaked. I was definitely sweating.  The Sloane undershirt absorbed all that sweat!  I couldn’t believe it absorbed THAT much sweat. 


The Invisible Undershirt keeps you cool. If you do happen to sweat it can absorb a good amount of sweat before it goes to the outer undershirt.  Now you can have that no undershirt look without giving up on the absorption benefits of the undershirt!

Shop The Invisible Undershirt today and stop sweat in it's tracks and feel more confident wherever you are.